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First batch

All of these ships are/will be playable with functioning weapons, career and radar equipment.

USS North Carolina
The first class of American fast battleships, and the first American battleship built in almost two decades. Armed with nine 16 inch (406mm) 45 caliber Mark 6 guns in three turrets. This class is capable of hurling a 2700ib (1200kg) shell to a range of 22 miles (36km) Fast powerful and beautiful. The USS North Carolina and the USS Washington had short, but distinct careers.


USS Constellation
Fictional post-Pearl rebuild of one of the Lexington class battlecruisers. The ship is built up to the standard set by the South Dakota and Iowa classes. Big, fast and powerful. Long range, high speed and a large AA capability, this is a perfect carrier escort vessel. The rebuilt ship is the USS Constellation.

Lexington class
This is the standard Lexington class battlecruiser. The refit is based on the ones that the USS Colorado and USS Maryland got in 1942. Though fast and powerfully armed with 8 16 inch 50 caliber Mark 2 guns. It`s AA capability is far outclassed by newer ships, and the rebuilt USS Constellation. The two refitted ships are the USS Constitution and USS United States.

Both ships are in the same file:

Montana class
On the Allied side, this would have been the mother of all warships. Think of it as the Iowa class on stereoids. She`s armed with 12, yes 12 16 inch 50 caliber Mark 7 guns. She would have had a heavier broadside than the Yamato. With a standard displacement of 65,000 tons, and a fully laden weight of 72,000 tons. That`s Yamato territory. The battle of Midway, and the success of the aircraft carrier in the Solomons put the final nail in the coffin. Making the four Iowa class the last American battleships that were commisioned.


South Dakota class (1939)
Designed to do more with less, the South Dakota class was with no doubt the best treaty battleships ever built. They retained the same arnament as the North Carolina. Big guns, good armor and a heavy AA battery, they were a fierce opponent for any ships.


Iowa class
The Iowa class is seen as the best all around battleship design in the history of naval warfare. Built to escort the new and faster Essex class carriers. The Iowa was armed with nine 16 inch 50 caliber Mark 7 guns. Max speed at full displacement of 57,000 tons was 33 knots. These four battleships would serve in WWII, Korean war, Vietnam war, later stages of the Cold war and the Gulf war.


South Dakota class (1920)
This is the first South Dakota class, which was cancelled according to the Washington naval treaty. Slightly bigger than the preceeding Colorado class, they would have mounted 12 16 inch 50 caliber Mark 2 guns. Faster than the standard battleships, they would have been too slow for any of the carriers. This is a 1942 refit based on the USS Colorado and USS Maryland.

Including a video of her stretching her muscles:

USS West Virginia
A Colorado class battleship sunk in the attack in Pearl Harbor. Refloated, rebuilt and recommisioned as a whole new ships. Now taking the appearence of the 1939 South Dakota class. Used mainly as a shore bombardement ship in the island hopping campaign in the Pacific.

USS Tennessee & USS California
Both are of the Tennessee class. Physicly identical to the Colorado class before being rebuilt, distinguishable only by the main arnament of 12 14 inch 50 caliber guns, opposed to the 8 16 45 caliber guns on the Colorado class. After the rebuild both looked the same as the West Virginia and shared her main mission of shore bombardement.

Alaska class
Built in response to the German Scharnhorst class and a rumored Japanese battlecruiser, the Alaska class were built to sink heavy cruiser in the vast expanse of the Pacific ocean. Armed with nine 12 inch 50 caliber guns. Though they lacked real heavy caliber guns, the 12 inch shell they fired were of a super heavy design that was just as good, if not better than the 14 inch guns mounted on WWI era battleships. Fast and a heafty AA battery makes these ships perfect carrier escort ships.

A few work in progress ships:

DKM Bismarck and DKM Tirpitz
Both ships were of the Bismarck class. Built by Germany, they were both laid down in 1936 and commisioned on 1940 and 1941 respectively. Though one of the best, if not the best European battleships, they were both sunk, in both cases it was the airplane that doomed the two ships, although the Bismarck sank after being scuttled by her crew.
The 3D models are from Silent Hunter V and modified by me.



H class (H-39)
The planned successor of the Bismarck class. Two were actually laid down in 1939, but the start of the war, and the growing need for the materiel the ships were supposed to built of, ultimately got the ships cancelled. Armed with 8 16 inch guns, opposed to the 8 15 inch guns of the Bismarck, these ships would have been a formidable foe for any battleship.
The 3D model is from Silent Hunter V, based on the Bismarck and modified by me.

King George V class
The only true modern British battleship class put to sea. Armed with 10 14 inch guns they lacked the heavier punch that other nations had. They were still a dangerouse foe. Bismarck met with two of them in her brief career. Scharnhorst was partially sunk by one. One ship of the class, the HMS Prince of Wales was sunk by Japanese airplanes outside of Malaya december 10, 1941.
The 3D model is from Silent Hunter V and modified by me.

Lion class
The planned successor the the King George V. These were slightly bigger, and armed with nine 16 inch guns. They looked pretty much the same. Two ships were laid down, but there were no real need for them so all six of them were cancelled.
The 3D model is from Silent Hunter V and modified by me.

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