tirsdag 10. januar 2012

Welcome! Willkommen! Velkommen! Välkommen!

Welcome! This will be a place of solitude for my Silent Hunter IV mods. I will be posting pictures, videos and download links of my mods. Some info and backstory will be included about the mods, the ships and what not.

Feel free to comment, ask questions, and requests/future work.
Constructive criticism is prefered. If you notice anything, say so. I won`t mind, nor do I bite.

If English isn`t your best language, don`t despair. Norwegian is my native language, but I am good in English, German, Swedish and Danish. I know a little Russian, French, Spanish and Finnish, but not enough to write in those languages.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Hi Karle.

    My name is Marc and I would like to know where can I download all those magnificent ships! All filefront files links are dead alas. Congratulations for your wonderful work! My mail is foresmar@hotmail.fr (I do hope your French battleships are still available?)


    1. I am sorry to have kept you waiting for so long. While it`s true Gamefront is no longer reliable, or in some cases, workable. i have uploaded my files here: https://www.mediafire.com/#lzgciodldp58p

  2. why Most of the ship build work are why using Aluminium Scaffolding.